Tru-Playaz Prep Academy has merged with Texas Prep Sports  Academy
Starting this Fall 2018

You will play a nationally recognized schedule designed to provide film against the top level competition. Our staff will work tirelessly to provide you collegiate options that you have never had before.  We'll take a look at where you are now and develop a map to the next level. Building from the court back to the weight room, you will add the skills needed in addition to the muscle,  explosiveness, and balance that produces dramatic results.  Texas Prep Sports "gap year" program is designed for Students to preserve and enhance the educational opportunities available to them when they start college without losing a year of eligibility. SAT Prep tutoring is available if needed.  Your son will grow up in a hurry and find within himself a level of commitment and dedication to an improvement process that will benefit him for the rest of his life. Countless players have used their Texas Prep Sports training to propel them to impressive careers on and off the court.
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Texas Prep Sports Academy Mission Statement

Teach the art of basketball and other sports to maximize the athletic potential of participants in the areas of career, academic aspirations, and personal goals
Partner with other athletic organizations on a local, regional, national, and international level and with professional, collegiate, and amateur level athletes to further athletic development of promising athletes
Support community-based mentorship opportunities and programs, humanitarian activities, rehabilitation and prevention programs, positive recreational opportunities, and educational programs for young athletes and their communities

                                    Texas Prep Sports Academy Goals

For over a couple of decades, Texas Prep Sports Training Program has been providing players just like you with your BEST CHANCE TO PLAY COLLEGE BASKETBALL at the school and level that is right for you on the court and in the classroom.

Not only will you become the best basketball player you can be, you will become an even better, more disciplined, mature and independent adult, while our staff and your Recruiting Advisor work just as hard to find the right fit for you in college.

While our resume and track record are without equal in basketball development, this program is ALL ABOUT YOU, NOT US and college coaches appreciate the system we have perfected.

To learn why Texas Prep Sports system is a "better program" and how you will benefit from a gap year in Texas Prep Sports Academy, reach out to our team right now.