Big Man Camp in Atlanta GA, September 1 & 2, 2018

  Gym Location TBD
One of the Top Big Man Camp in the Country where players come to focus on Post moves, Post rotation and Stretch four position.  A one-day camp open to all but only the selected is chosen for the second day of camp.
The Big Man Camp
Camp Schedule

The Big Man Camp is an opportunity for players to work on their game with former college and professional players.  What makes our camp different than any other camp?  Each player will receive a Booklet of our drills and a few surprises.

A sample list of the Former participant of the Big Man Camp and the Colleges and Universities they attended

Isaiah Martin 7'0" Florida A & M

James Johnson 6'8" Wake Forest (NBA)
Isaiah Martin 7'0" Florida A&M
Jordan Madrid-Andrews 6'8" Chicago State / Richmond U.
Spencer Eliason 6'9" North Dakota State University
Trevor Williams 6'11" Colorado State University
Scott Witkowsky 7’1” Penn State University
Tyson Johnston 7’0” Univ. of Utah / Arizona State Univ.
Richard Fox 6’11” Univ. of Colorado / Gonzaga University
Derek Dawes 6’11” Brigham Young University
Joseph Dabbert 6’11” Creighton Univ. / NBDL Championship
Charles Richmond 6’10” Lemoyne College
Ferron Morgan 6’10” Rice University
Tyler Jones 6'9" St. Johns University / Weber State
Michael DeGray 6’9” University of Northern Texas
Kaniel Dickens 6’8” University of Idaho / NBA
Rodney White 6’9” U.N.C.C. / NBA
Anthony Hutchinson 6’8” Tabor College
Kelly Whitney 6’8” Seton Hall University
Cameron Goettsche 6’8” Univ. of Utah / U.C. Santa Barbara
Ryan Jones 6’7” Alabama A&M
Reginald York 6’6” University of Nothern Colorado
Marcus King-Stockton 6’8” University of Colorado
Tom Blount 6'10" University of Washington St Louis
Michael Harris 6'9" Colorado State University
Trevor Wages 6'7" Colorado School of Mines
Paul Bunch 6'11" Emporia State University
Phil Jackson 6'8" Howard Junior College
Aris Molock 6'8" Bethany College
Cleve Woodfork 6'9" Tennessee-Martin University
Zach Smith 6'11" Henderson State University
Martin Smith 6'10" Lamar State JC / Henderson State Univ.
James Watson 6'8" Washington State / Kansas State
Marquis Buxton-Hill 6'9" Redland Community College
Garrett Ahlberg 6'7" Western State College
Deandre Clayton 6'9" Northeastern Junior College

Day One Camp
The first four hours we will focus on various high post and low post moves.  We will walk through proper pivoting footwork, body positioning, read & react and more.
Day One Camp
The second half of the camp will focus on the stretch four.  In this section of the camp, we will cover how to pivot and dribble away and from the low and high post into the Stretch four.
Day Two Camp (Elite Camp)
Day two camp invites only.  This is an evaluation day to be included in the scouting report for college coaches.