Tru-Playaz Basketball Club:
Tru-Playaz Basketball Club has been around for over 27 years and has worked with over 1000 players.  Even with multiple program name changes over the years, College Coaches are still coming out to watch players in our program.  Many programs have tried to convince our players that they would not get any national exposure playing with Tru-Playaz.  But, thanks to our families for putting their trust in Coach Tree majority of our players have moved on and played at the next level.    As we have informed many players in the past, we do not offer scholarships to universities but allow you a chance to be seen by College Coaches who do offer scholarships.  Coach Tree has become a household name with College Coaches at every level.  Like many great programs we are not looking to get rich off of the players but to provide an opportunity to be seen.  We will not brag about our accomplishments but rather say we have been blessed with great players that have moved on to be successful in life.  Tru-Playaz Basketball Club was created to help players to attend National Tournaments throughout the country for college exposure. Travel cost will be discussed at all tryouts.
Former Players that went on to play college basketball over the past 27 years for Coach Tree: This is a partial list (Any Alumni would like for their names to be posted on site please email Coach Tree at [email protected]
James Johnson 6'8" Wake Forest (NBA)
Isaiah Martin 7'0" Florida A&M
Jordan Madrid-Andrews 6'8" Chicago State / Richmond University
Xavier Talton 6'1" University of Colorado
Thomas Parks 6'6" Youngtown State
Jeremy Mixon 6'1" Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne
Nick Fisher 6'4" Colorado Christian University / St Mary's
Mathew Timlin 6'4" University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Spencer Eliason 6'9" North Dakota State University
Andrew Zehnder 6'5" University of Colorado / Western State University
Trevor Williams 6'11" Colorado State University
Scott Witkowsky 7’1” Penn State University
Tyson Johnston 7’0” University of Utah / Arizona State University
Richard Fox 6’11” University of Colorado / Gonzaga University
Derek Dawes 6’11” Brigham Young University
Joseph Dabbert 6’11” Creighton University / NBDL Championship
Charles Richmond 6’10” Lemoyne College
Ferron Morgan 6’10” Rice University
Tyler Jones 6'9" St. Johns University / Weber State
Michael DeGray 6’9” University of Northern Texas
Kaniel Dickens 6’8” University of Idaho / NBA
Rodney White 6’9” U.N.C.C. / NBA
Anthony Hutchinson 6’8” Tabor College
Kelly Whitney 6’8” Seton Hall University
Cameron Goettsche 6’8” University of Utah / U.C. Santa Barbara
Ryan Jones 6’7” Alabama A&M
Reginald York 6’6” University of Nothern Colorado
Curtis Bob 6’5” Utah State University
Donald Whitfield 6'5" Johnson & Wales University
Quantel Murphy 6’5” University of Nebraska-Omaha
Luther Head 6’4” University of Illinois / NBA
Ryan Moats 6’3” Johnson & Wales University
Donta Richardson 6’1” Wyoming University
Carl Krauser 6’0” University of Pittsburgh
Rodney Billups 5’11” University of Denver
Marcus King-Stockton 6’8” University of Colorado
Marcus Macintosh 6’1” Texas A&M
Brian Brown 6’1” University of Denver
Tom Blount 6'10" University of Washington St Louis
Ryan McBride 6'6" University of Arkansas
Michael Harris 6'9" Colorado State University
Mundrell Young 6'5" Colorado NorthWestern
Clayton Osborn 6'2" Cal Poly
Carl LittleJohn Jr. 5'10" Fort Lewis College
Willie Lester 5'8" Mid-America Christian University
Hans Thun 6'3" Heston Junior College
Richardo Echeverria 6'5" Polk Junior College
Reggie Slater 6'5" University of Wyoming / NBA
Randy Nelson 6'4" Regis University
Sean Nolen 6'0" University of Northern Colorado
Robbie Ballard 6'0" Emporia State University
Trey Stephens 6'0" Presentation College
Tyler Notch 6'2" DePauw University
Trevor Wages 6'7" Colorado School of Mines
Landon Vermeer 6'1" Mesa State University
Thomas Bropleh 6'5" Boise State University
Issac Stubblefield 6'5" Central Wyoming Community College
Paul Bunch 6'11" College of Southern Idaho
Phil Jackson 6'8" Howard Junior College
Killeen Venable 6'2" Central Wyoming Community College
Jeremy Ware 6'1" Colorado Christian University
Novian Balous 6' 4" Trinidad State Junior College
Xzaivier Jame 6'1" University of Northern Colorado
Aris Molock 6'8" Bethany College
Cleve Woodfork 6'9" Tennessee-Martin University
Nick Rose 6'2" Colorado College
Antonio "Tony" Adams 6'4" Alabama A & M / North Idaho JC
Zach Smith 6'11" Henderson State University
Martin Smith 6'10" Lamar State Junior College / Henderson State Univ.
James Watson 6'8" Washington State / Kansas State
Pierre Allen 6'4" University of Nebraska
Marquis Buxton-Hill 6'9" Redland Community College
Hans Thun 6'4" Northern Oklahoma College
Aftahn Linn 6'4" Redland Community College
Greg Womack 6'1" University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Garrett Ahlberg 6'7" Western State College
Deandre Clayton 6'9" Northeastern Junior College
 Coach Tree's Bio:
Coach Antonio Tree Adams born in East Saint Louis, Illinois but raised in Chicago, Illinois.  At the age of 13 Coach Tree organized his first Men’s Summer League at Lathrop Elementary School (Westside of Chicago) with a gentleman named Richard Bradshaw who worked security at Marshall High School.  Once the league was up and running after several years, Coach Tree moved on to focus on his senior year of basketball.  After having a great senior year at George W Collins with his high school teammates playing at the University of Chicago for the City Title vs. Marshall High School Coach Tree later joined the United States Marine Corps.  After completing his commitment with the U.S.M.C. Coach Tree begins playing basketball again at Labette Community College and later received a Scholarship to Regis University.  At Regis University Coach Tree completed his Bachelor Degree in Computer Informational Systems.
Basketball has always been a passion for Coach Tree, and after spending some time working with Pro-Am Basketball Players, Coach Tree decided to focus more on the youth instead of the adult program.  So the summer AAU traveling basketball team called Colorado Jr. All-stars was born.  So over the past 27 years, Tru-Playaz Basketball Club has taken form in various name change (i.e. Colorado Jr. All-stars, Colorado Basketball Club, Colorado Storm, Colorado Dream Team, Rocky Mountain AAU, Tru-Playaz Basketball Club, and the list goes on).  Over the past 27 years, Coach Tree also has been blessed to meet some famous coaches and some Great Friends while on the AAU Circuit.  Reggie Minton, a good friend of mine, describes it the best way.  “If you do not want to know the TRUTH do not ask Coach Tree.”  Matt Dougherty best states it as “One of the few last straight shooters in the business when asking about a players ability.”  Tru-Playaz also has won or finished 2nd in multiple national events (Most notable Adidas BIG TIME Tournament).  While we have been blessed to win some and lose some, we are more proud of our players having a chance to play at the next level.  As the summer approaches Coach, Tree is still passionate about developing Student-Athletes for the Future.